Distribution of cricket kits to Orphans by Sai Nine.

On behalf of Sai Nine Sports, the first cricket academy in Shirdi, cricket kits were distributed free of cost to  Orphanage on behalf of CricketKit Sports by Executive Director Sairaj Gaikwad.

                Ganesh Dalvi of Sai Ashraya, Yash Rajput, Yashraj Gaikwad, Avinash Gandhile, Jitendra Gandhi, members of Sai Nine were present on the occasion. About 30 students play cricket at the Sai Shelter. Gaikwad realized that the literature was incomplete for him to play. He has donated the entire kit to the organization. It consisted of a set of bats, stamps and balls.

               Speaking on the occasion, Sairaj Gaikwad said that the kit has been provided to double the joy in the lives of orphans through sports. We found out that about 30 of these players love cricket. So Sai Nine Sports has decided that, we have taken the responsibility of teaching these players. For this, the organization will bear the cost of the game. They will be given free coaching. Such information was given.

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Sairaj Gaikwad is seen handing out cricket kits to Orphanage in Shirdi.

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